About to Company

Expack originally started in 1965 as K&A Industries and was renamed in 2011 with a new location and team in place.

The company descided to go for a specialized approach which the market needed with the current economic boom in the region. With a talented management team and dependable supply-chain solutions, the organization is all set to take the packaging industry to the next level.

Our Mission

To be kind and to promote good business activities.

Some of our focus is towards community building and enterpreneurship among the youngsters. We look forward to helping people set up their own businesses and give them trade benefits that will give them an edge in their areas.

We are also aiming to help a rapidly connected world reach each other with global solutions. The business modeling is using everyones resources in the most optimum way with a focus on sustainability and good quality results

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Services Overview

With a powerful research & product development department, Expack is confident in delivering quality products at competitive timelines all over the globe.

Contact Us

If you wish to start your own line of product, you can reach us at the following:

Address:Plot No. B 219-228, H.I.T.E., Hub, Balochistan
E-mail: ghq@expack.co.uk